Aircraft TD – 235 “ EVOLUTION II ” is developed like new concept of experimental aircraft.

Aircraft does not have maintenance program yet. It will be partially written during building process of this aircraft and partially during initial flight tests.

Aircraft category:
Experimental for personal use

Aircraft purpose:
Flight training, sport, aerobatics flights

Aircraft concept:
Two – seat, mid – wing aircraft with fix landing gear and tail wheel

Aircraft construction:
Wooden box construction covered with plywood, carbon fiber or fiber glass.

Aircraft controls:
Command system, pins and bolts are made of aircraft quality aluminum tubes and plates with command rods and steel cabels.

Aircraft instruments:
Standard aircraft instruments for day and night VFR flights.

Aircraft cockpit:
Closed non hermetic canopy

Landing gear:
Fix spring aluminum main landing gear and spring aluminum tail wheel assembly

Pilot seat:
Main seat in one man crew is second seat viewing from the engine.

Max. allowed pilot mass:
With accessories:
Single seat: 120 kg 265 lbs.
Two – seat: 210 kg 463 lbs.

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