Davor Tari, assistant on Mechanical faculty in Slavonski Brod

Born 15.02.1983. in Virovitica, Republic of Croatia, where attends elementary school Vladimir Nazor. Electrotechnics high school finished also in Virovitica, 2001. Same year goes to Mechanical faculty in Slavonski Brod specialised on fields of Organization and Informatcs. Works on job of demonstrator on Desk for Mechanical Constructions on areas of Mechanics and Science of material strength (2006 i 2007).
Curently is assistant ot the same faculty.
Since 1993. prectise shooting, and from 1997. archery. In 2003. starts to train Judo, in faculty JUDO club.
In 2005. goes on gliding (sailplane) training in Aeroclub “BROD” with flight instructor Klopan Ivan, ing. of air traffic.
First solo flight takes place in 05.07.2005. in 7:21 local time in sailplane Blanik L – 13. Since than collected more than 140 hours in solo flights. And flies in 5 diferent types of airplanes.
In free time likes to go on fishing trips.
Works on aircraft constructions since 2004. Prefer constructions made of laminated wood. So far has constructed and developed three diferent aircraft constructions, among which is aircraft TD – 235 “EVOLUTION II”. Aircraft is developed in request from members of Aeroclub „BROD” with purpose to built aircraft for the club purposes, which includes flight training, formation flights and aerobatics competition flights.

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