Standard aircraft configuration with main wing and classic tail surfaces which consist of horizontal and vertical tail wing with stabilizers. Control surfaces are static compensated with weights, and dynamicly compensated by small moving surfaces.
Elerons on main wing are also static compensated by weights in triangular form conected by levers to eleron mount. and dynamicly compensated by small moving surfaces at the wing tip.


Aircraft construction is made with laminated wood strips and plywood glued together by aircraft quality epoxy glues.
Main bearings, mounts and command rods are made of aluminum alloy T3 and T5 quality, steel and steel plates from HRN Č1530 / EN 1C45 , if required by aircraft plans. Conection elements of permanent and resolve joints to ISO and DIN norms, and other materials specified in aircraft plans.


Aircraft is designed like two – seat, mid – wing with fixed landing gear and tail wheel, with box construction that can be covered by plywood, carbon fibre or glass fibre.
Control system is made of aluminum profiled tubes and aluminum plates with command rods and steel cables.
Aircraft is equipped with standard flight instruments and equipment for day and night VFR flights, but it is possible to equip it for IFR flights. It is also possible to equip it with special equippment for all sorts of duties, like millitary, police or firefighting service.
Canopy is made from one piece and opens to the right side, cockpit is not pressurised.

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